Light Maze

Play the right way

Light Maze is an independent video game publishing and distribution company created by industry developers and creatives. We accompany you according to your needs on the development of your projects and work with you on the most optimal communication and distribution vectors. Light Maze is proposing a new fair publishing model, which respects developers and gamer communities by presenting an unprecedented transparency model.


What can we offer?

Light Maze offers tailor-made solutions for every project, because each team and each game has different needs. Business creation, financing, HR, co-production, portages (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch), distribution, publishing.

We manage the marketing aspects of your game with more than 5K worldwide press relation contacts and  influencers. We provide transparent agreements and share our best practices with developers during the whole publishing process. Light Maze takes care of game keys management, commercial relations and operations with our distribution partners (60+ worldwide), sales reports, and many more.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for original IPs (all platforms combined) developed mainly in Europe by passionate teams wishing to experiment with us a new way of approaching publishing. We want to develop sustainable and successful partnerships to encourage the birth of new projects.

Our distribution partners


About our School Module

The studio offers an ESP module (end-of-study project) specially designed for end-of-course students wishing to take their project beyond the borders of the school.

Support for business creation, search for financing, co-production, publishing, are all areas on which you will be accompanied by our experts.

We firmly believe that it is at the heart of schools that the best sources of creativity are hidden. End-of-study projects, whose concepts are developed without concern for the financial constraint and with the fresh eyes of the youngest generation, sometimes present a great potential that we propose to develop together, with the help of the developers and schools.


  • The goal is multiple:

    • Offer the public original games, sometimes more assertive but more modest at an affordable price to encourage the entry of new creatives in the industry.

    • Help young professionals to release their first game, and settle in the professional world in independence.

    • Provide schools with a new way to support their most volunteer students and gain visibility.